Aion Entertainment offers a variety of services to assist you in producing a unique and seamless event. Employing decades of experience in both event production and lighting design, we aim to be your closest partners in executing your unique event.



We take a ground up design approach for every event. Taking in to consideration every detail of the aesthetic design, venue decor, time of day and style of event, we customize our lighting to create a truly immersive environment.  We work with talented technicians and engineers to ensure that our designs are delivered with expert precision. 



Lighting Design is an integral part of modern architectural design, from landmark buildings to art installations. The Lighting Design Professionals at Aion Entertainment have extensive experience in developing comprehensive architectural design to highlight any space or installation. We recommend working with the latest equipment and ensure that industry standards are followed in our designs for seamless handoff to on-location contractors.  


Video Environment DESIGN

The Design Professionals at Aion Entertainment are always searching for the newest technology and the value it can add to your event. We work with some of the nations premiere Video Designers and Video Jockeys to install and create dynamic and immersive video projections. Whether you need to make the best use a of an empty wall, or project on to the exterior of a building, no vision is too small or too large.


Power Distribution and Coordination

Sometimes the perfect event lacks the perfect venue. The solution to this problem often times is the use of an outdoor space with the installation of a temporary structure such as a tent. There are several challenges with such an endeavor such as power generation, distribution and even climate control. Aion Entertainment is your perfect solution for outdoor events. We will not only illuminate your spaces but we will oversee and coordinate any third-party vendors to provide power and climate control as you and your guests enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free event experience.